Hario Vacuum Pot TCA-3

Hario TCA-3, manufactured by the famous Japanese glass factory Hario, is an impressive method of preparing coffee. Even after 200 years of its existence, the so-called siphon or vac-pot does not cease to amaze onlookers. Due to its high quality materials used the Hario TCA-3 is currently the best selling vac-pot in the world.

Hario Vacuum Pot TCA-3

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EAN 4977642503113
Manufacturer Hario (Japonsko)
Material Sklo
Volume cca 350 ml
Dimensions 50 (d) x 70(š) x 400(v) mm

Two glass vessels are connected by funnel with paper or cotton filter attached on top. The process is taking advantage of the basic physical law of gas expansivity. Hot water is poured into the bottom chamber. Once boiling, the vapour starts to expand vertically into the upper vessel. Here it mixes with ground coffee and undergoes extraction. After approx. 70 seconds, the heat source is switched off and coffee can be sucked back to the bottom chamber. The result is a clean and delicate cup together with many astonished faces of the spectators.

Packaging includes:

  • Cotton Filter
  • Standard kerosene burner (kerosene not included)

Ideal burner for your Vacuum Pot:

Not a fan of cotton filters? Try paper ones instead:

Paper Filter Adapter for Vacuum Pot
Paper Filter Adapter for Vacuum Pot
350 Kč
Replacement Paper Filters for Vacuum Pot (100 pcs)
Replacement Paper Filters for Vacuum Pot (100 pcs)
130 Kč
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