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El Salvador El Aguacatal

This is our best cupping coffee from Chalatenango region in El Salvador this year. Fully washed pacas blend from 5 different producers who have farms in the highest part called El Aguacatal. Tons of red fruits, citruses and caramel in the cup.

El Salvador El Aguacatal

300 g Available
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345 Kč
Farm El Aguacatal
Varietal Arabica Pacas
Processing Fully Washed
Crop March 2023
Partnership 7 years
Coffee type Whole bean
Taste Caramel, dark fruits, citruses

The best from 5 different producers

El Aguacatal is the highest elevation region for coffee farms in Chalatenango. To reach it, you have to drive from La Palma to El Tunel and all the way up to the top of the mountain range. The views are spectacular!

Our lot is a blend from Isai Portillo, Jose Armando Chacón, Jose Luis Hernandez, Miguel Ángel Murcia and René Alfonso Vasquez. It was picked during the peak of this year crop within 9 days.

Washed Pacas

Pacas is the common variety around Chalatenango, together with the trendy Pacamara. When picked and processed right, it can be a real delight in the cup. The usual washed method is done by depulping cherries in manual or engine driven simple pulpers right at the farm or in the producer´s backyard. Fermentation lasts approximately 10-12 hours and takes places in simple concrete tanks. Wet parchment is then dried on African beds for approx. 10 days, weather depending.

We recommend this coffee especially for brewing filter coffee

Our coffee has a crisp and layered acidity with notes of caramel and dark fruits.

What do you need to prepare this coffee?

  • 1 We love to brew the Aguacatal on French Press, Aeropress or the new Next Level brewer.
    French Press Frieling Ultimo
    French Press Frieling Ultimo
    1 400 Kč
    890 Kč
    NextLevel Brewer LVL-10
    NextLevel Brewer LVL-10
    1 370 Kč
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  • 2 Freshly ground coffee tastes the best. Do you already have your own grinder?
    Baratza Virtuoso+
    Baratza Virtuoso+
    5 700 Kč
    Fellow Ode Brew Grinder gen 2
    Fellow Ode Brew Grinder gen 2
    12 500 Kč

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