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Panama Finca Hartmann Espresso 1 kg

Sun dried microlot picked and processed at the family run Finca Hartmann in Santa Clara region of Panama. We profile this coffee primarily for brewing as single origin espresso. In the cup you will get a strong fruity aromatics, notes of sour cherry pralines and cocoa aftertaste. If you are into funky flavours, this is your coffee. And wait until you add a bit of milk ...

Panama Finca Hartmann Espresso 1 kg

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Country Panama
Farm Finca Hartmann
Varietal Arabica Caturra
Processing Natural
Crop January 2022

Hartmann's Farm

Finca Hartmann is situated in the heart of Santa Clara (map) region, right on the Costa Rican-Panama border. The farm is partially surrounded by the international park La Amistad and thus serves as a natural sanctuary for more than 300 different bird species.

Coffee with Czech roots

The eldest son of Czech settler and frontiersman Alois Strašil founded the farm in the year 1940. Alois was one of the very first inhabitants and coffee farmers of western Panama. National Geographic magazine even compared him to one of the heroes of the American West, Daniel Boone.

Respect for nature

Finca Hartmann became world famous mostly due to the sustainable farming practices and biodiversity. All coffee is grown in the shade of native trees and plantains that also serve as habitat for numerous bird species. It is no surprise that the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute performed many scientific tests here.


This coffee is a fresh drop of the 2021 harvest of red maragogype. This variety is known for its huge beans. Altogether with geisha form this region, maragogype is one of our most favourite varieties. Thanks to the natural processing this coffee has got a super sweet, intense spicy and herbal flavours with a touch of "funky" notes.


This lot was processed naturally in the beginning of 2021. Coffee cherries are picked and harvested when fully riped and then spread on African beds for 4-8 days (to final humidity of 22%, all weather depending). After that the cherries are taken to a special room for a week (please see the picture above). The room is equipped with an industrial compressed air dryer where the cherries get dried till they reach the desired 11.5% of humidity. The great advantage of this room is the fact you can dry a few microlots in one place. The room is very clean and it´s easy to control the whole drying process. Its quite a new and innovative method that has become very popular in Latin America. The farmers use it for their best lots.

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