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Ceramill Hand Coffee Grinder

Stainless steel hand coffee grinder equipped with ceramic burr set. Very fine grind adjustment from espresso to French Press.

Ceramill Hand Coffee Grinder

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1 110 Kč
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Manufacturer Ceramill
Material Stainless steel
Color Silver
Dimensions 175 x 40 mm
Mlecí kameny Ceramic
Rychlost mletí 25 grams / 60 sec
Záruka 24 months

Versatile and solid

Ceramill is the new successor of the very popular hand coffee grinder Porlex. Comparing to other hand grinders (Hario Mini Mill or Skerton), Ceramill is made of stainless steel and uses ceramic burr set which may be adjusted to any grind setting from espresso to French Press.

Ceramill fits approx 40 g of whole bean coffee in the upper chamber.

Ceramill is sold with a rubber sleeve that helps a firm grip, together with a simple but handy tote bag.

Perfect for traveling

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Aeropress Go
Aeropress Go
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