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Ethiopia Sheka Espresso 1 kg

Fresh and floral with sweetness of brown sugar and yellow melon. This is our new Ethiopian espresso from the Limu region.

Ethiopia Sheka Espresso 1 kg

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Country Ethiopia
Farm Sheka, Limu
Varietal Arabica Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing Washed
Crop January 2022
Coffee type Whole Bean

The motherland of coffee tree

Limu lies in the Southwest of Ethiopia. It is one of the first regions where coffee tree was discovered. It is no surprise that a lot of farmers want to own a coffee farm here. Also our Heleanna Georgalis, who we buy coffee from, owns a farm in this region. The local coffee trees grow wild here and every micro region has its own specific character.

From Limu come several varieties such as Colombian wush wush or Panamian gesha. Graciano Cruz used to own a farm here too. He took hundreds of coffee tress from here and grow them now on his farm Los Lajones in Panama. In Limu there is Mankira Forest where you can find so called Mother Coffee Tree, the oldest living coffee tree. We travelled through Limu in 2016.


This coffee comes from the hands of 1300 farmers from around the processing station called Sheka. It is named after a nearby town. It was founded in 2016 by Mr. Nasir. This coffee has got very delicate acidity of yellow fruit thanks to the farm´s high altitude (1950-2050masl). We purchased this lot from our longterm business partner Seife Tuuloskorpi. Whom you had a chance to meet in Prague as well.

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After cherries get picked, the outer skin is removed by so called pulper, a coffee press device. After that cherries are placed in fermenation tanks for 36 hours where the sugars covering coffee seeds ferment. After this fermentation, cherries are hand washed and seeds clean like this are placed into last tank for 16 hour fermentation. After washing is finished, seeds are placed on African beds to dry. African beds are covered with burlap or plastic fabric. During very hot days and every night they cover seeds in parchment with this plastic fabric to stop over/too fast drying or water condensation. It results in clean coffee with elegant and complex flavours.

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