Logo Wares

Our logo is not only on our coffee bags. You can wear our t-shirts, taste our cascara and coffee chocolate bars or just enjoy drinking coffee from our mugs ... We are not only a coffee roastery.
M Grey | L Grey | XL Grey | M Blue | L Blue | XL Blue

Men´s doubleshot Tee

300 Kč
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S Coral Red | M Coral Red | L Coral Red | S Eucalyptus | M Eucalyptus

Women´s doubleshot Tee

300 Kč
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Dinner Mug

365 Kč

Demitasse cup by Goat Cup

210 Kč

Cappuccino cup by Goat Cup

280 Kč
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Latte cup by Goat Cup

335 Kč

Igráček Barista

130 Kč
Black / Yellow | Cream / Blue

rCup 340 ml

330 Kč
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