Barista Gear

What is redundant for most is a necessity for others. These are "toys" for the baristas and home coffee geeks. Gadgets that we all love and collect.

Espro Bloom Pour Over

950 Kč

Barista apron with doubleshot logo

1 500 Kč

Hario V60 digital scale with timer

1 450 Kč

Hario V60 metal digital scale with timer

2 020 Kč

Hario V60 Range Server 360 ml

490 Kč

Hario V60 Range Server 600 ml

550 Kč

Hario Buono pouring kettle small 1 liter

950 Kč

Hario Buono pouring kettle

1 030 Kč

Hario Glass Server

375 Kč

Brewista Smart Pour 2 Kettle

3 050 Kč
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Rhino Portafilter Bench Scale

950 Kč

Brewista Smart Scale II

1 990 Kč

Brewista Glass Server 360 ml

425 Kč

Hario Bamboo Stirrer

95 Kč

Stainless steel milk pitcher with volume marker 340 ml

350 Kč

Stainless steel milk pitcher with volume marker 500 ml

460 Kč

LM Advanced / Strada basket 7 g

360 Kč

LM Advanced / Strada košíček 17 g

360 Kč