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Barista Gear

What is redundant for most is a necessity for others. These are "toys" for the baristas and home coffee geeks. Gadgets that we all love and collect.

Refractometer DiFluid R2

6 000 Kč

Hario V60 digital scale with timer

1 450 Kč

TIMEMORE Black Mirror Nano Scale

2 690 Kč

Terroir Book

920 Kč

TIMEMORE Black Mirror Basic Plus Scale

1 350 Kč

Stainless steel milk pitcher with volume marker 500 ml

460 Kč

Hario V60 metal digital scale with timer

2 250 Kč

Hario V60 Range Server 360 ml

490 Kč

Hario V60 Range Server 600 ml

550 Kč
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Hario Buono pouring kettle small 1 liter

950 Kč

Stainless steel milk pitcher with volume marker 340 ml

350 Kč

Hario Buono pouring kettle

1 030 Kč

Rhino Portafilter Bench Scale

950 Kč

Hario Glass Server

375 Kč

Hario Bamboo Stirrer

95 Kč

LM Advanced / Strada basket 7 g

360 Kč

Košíček Baristapro 18 g

526 Kč

Airscape Canister Large

1 090 Kč