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300 g

yellow fruits, cookies, nougat (honey) / raspberries, vanilla, cocoa (natural)

Christmas Coffee Set

650 Kč
Berries, marzipan, milk chocolate

Tam Dem Espresso

310 Kč
Floral, black currant, elderflower juice

Kenya Kagaa Espresso

365 Kč
Strawberries in chocolate, forest berries, vanilla

Panama Emporium Espresso

365 Kč
decaf coffee

Colombia La Serrania Espresso Decaf

345 Kč
caramel, milk chocolate, hazelnuts

Start Espresso

270 Kč

Unsure which coffee to buy?

Try our sample pack. Choose any 3 of our coffees (70 g each), get your friends and family together and the cup tasting may begin. Price for our sample kit (3 x 70 g) is CZK 290.
70g pack
70g pack
70g pack