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1 kg

Milk chocolate, orange, vanilla, clove

Rwanda Coko 1 kg

1 025 Kč
Brown sugar, citruses, honey

Burundi Mikuba 1 kg

1 192 Kč
Gingerbread, black tea, brown sugar

Brazil Valdir 1 kg

1 025 Kč
Plums, tropical fruits, lemon grass

Colombia Imbachi 1 kg

1 081 Kč
Blackcurrant, rhubarb, vanilla

Keňa Gakuyuini 1 kg

1 192 Kč
decaf coffee

Colombia La Serrania Decaf 1 kg

915 Kč

Unsure which coffee to buy?

Try our sample pack. Choose any 3 of our coffees (70 g each), get your friends and family together and the cup tasting may begin. Price for our sample kit (3 x 70 g) is CZK 290.
70g pack
70g pack
70g pack