Espresso at Home

3-hour hands-on espresso course (in English)
Espresso at Home
3-hour hands-on espresso course (in English)
2 000 Kč
Cena vč. DPH

Three hour evening course focused on all coffee enthusiasts who want to master making delicious espresso at home.

Who is it for?

We tailor made this course for all coffee lovers who want to improve their espresso skills in home conditions.

What will I learn?

During our 3-hour evening course you will acquire basic knowledge of the variables that impact espresso brewing. You will learn how to dial in the grinder for different recipes, how to tamp evenly, steam perfect microfoam to ensure tasty milk drinks and pour basic latte art.

What coffee machines do we use?

This is a hands-on workshop, therefore, you will have your own espresso machine (group head) and grinder to play with. We use both professional espresso machines (such as Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave) and Anfim Pratica grinders as well as most commonly used home espresso machines (Catler, Rancilio Silvia).

Who will teach us?

Our head trainer Tereza Bala is one of the most experienced baristas in the Czech Republic. Tereza is in charge of all our classes, including the SCA certified Foundation and Intermediate barista courses. She competed in the World Barista Championship in London and has more than 10 years of professional barista experience.

We limit the amount of participants to 6 people. The minimum amount of participants is 4 people.

The course is conducted in English.

You may pay for the course using credit card, bank transfer or Paypal. It is not possible to pay on spot.

Podrobné informace
Lokalitadoubleshot training center - Křižíkova 105, Praha 8 - Karlín (mapa)
Délka kurzu5 - 8 PM (3 hours)
Co je v ceněEspresso and cappuccino cup
Počet účastníkůmaximum 6
Potřebné znalostiThis course is made for all coffee enthusiasts without any prior barista experience
Storno podmínky

Pokud písemně (emailem) stornujete školení týden a více před termínem (nejpozději 8. den před školením), můžete si vybrat jiný termín nebo vám vrátíme peníze zpět.

Při stornování školení v posledním týdnu před školením (1. - 7. den před školením), případně pokud se školení vůbec nezúčastníte, bude uplatněno 100% storno bez náhrady.

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