Panama Finca Hartmann Chicho Gallo

anaerobic fermentation - limited edition 200 g
Panama Finca Hartmann Chicho Gallo
anaerobic fermentation - limited edition 200 g
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Unique Ethiopian heirloom variety processed using anaerobic fermentation method at Finca Hartmann in Panama. Chicho Gallo is the third crop of this variety named after Mr. Ratibor "Chicho" Hartmann Sr. Expect floral aroma with notes of tropical fruits, cola and pralines.

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Finca Hartmann is situated in the heart of Santa Clara (map) region, right on the Costa Rican-Panama border. The farm is partially surrounded by the international park La Amistad and thus serves as a natural sanctuary for more than 300 different bird species.

The eldest son of Czech settler and frontiersman Alois Strašil founded the farm in the year 1940. Alois was one of the very first inhabitants and coffee farmers of western Panama. National Geographic magazine even compared him to one of the heroes of the American West, Daniel Boone.

Ratibor Hartmann Sr. unfortunately passed away in 2016. The family business is currently managed by his four sons Ratibor, Allan, Alexander and Kelly, together with their daughter Aliss.

Finca Hartmann became world famous mostly due to the sustainable farming practices and biodiversity. All coffee is grown in the shade of native trees and plantains that also serve as habitat for numerous bird species. It is no surprise that the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute performed many scientific tests here.

Our coffee comes from the fresh crop 2019 and is Ratibor´s third pickings of the Ethiopian heirloom variety. The anaerobic processing is distinctive in the fizzy cola notes, yet the cup retains crisp acidity and floral aromatics. The coffee is sweet, bright and creamy.

We visit the Hartmann family every year in March to cup through the crop. You can find some photos from the farm in our Flickr gallery.

More Information
FarmFinca Hartmann
VarietalEthiopian Heirloom
ProcessingAnaerobic fermentation
HarvestJanuary 2019
CertificationRelationship Coffee
Brewing MethodAeropress, Chemex, Clever Dripper, French Press, Hario V60, Mokka Pot, Vacuum Pot
Tastefloral, cola, pralines, tropical fruits
Packaging200 g
Coffee Grindwhole bean
Best beforeIdeally brew within 30 days after date of roasting (see packaging)